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The following were born in Eaton Socon or nearby Wyboston:

Eaton Socon

Sophia BARNS,  Abt 1797

Lucy BROWN,   Abt 1829

Fanny EATON,   Abt 1854

Sarah HEWITT,   Abt 1840

Florence HEWITT, 1857

Caroline PARRIN,   1833

Catherine/Caroline PARRIN,   1846

Eli PARRIN,   28 February 1850

Eli PARRIN,   Abt 1850

Elizabeth PARRIN,   1828

Emma PARRIN,   Abt 1852

Henry PARRIN,   10 July 1845

Henry PARRIN,   23 September 1839

Henry PARRIN,   Abt 1846

Henry PARRIN,   Abt 1848

James PARRIN,   1822

James PARRIN,   Abt 1823

Jane PARRIN,   Abt 1860

John PARRIN,   Abt 1837

Martha PARRIN,   1824

Mary Ann PARRIN,   1829-1832

Mary Ann PARRIN,   Abt 1854

Thomas PARRIN,   1827

Tilley PARRIN,   Abt 1857

William PARRIN,   Abt 1849

Mary PESTELL,   1759

In addition to these PARRIN families in this parish,  we have a small database of other baptisms, marriages and burials.   Please get in touch if you would like us to check for your ancestor.  

 and  Wyboston:

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Eaton Scoon is historically part of Bedfordshire but is now in Cambridgeshire.  It is close to the small village of Wyboston.